Thursday, 27 October 2016

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In accordance with notice served on dated 22-10-2016 CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA Chhattisgarh Circle is held in Civil line Telephone Exchange campus on 11.00 A.M. The following members/ office bearers are present during meeting:-
1.        Shri Sumeet Khote Circle Secretary
2.        Shri S.K.Swami  Office bearer
3.        Shri Bhupesh Choudhary CWC Member
4.        Shri P.K.Khare Office bearer
5.        Shri T.R.Patel Office bearer
6.        Shri H.C.Lohani Office bearer
7.        Shri V.V.Ghanekar Distt. Secretary < Raipur
8.        Shri R.K.Sharma Circle Treasurer
9.        Shri Mukesh Shrivastava Circle President.
Shri R.K.Sharma CT left the meeting during discussion of less CHQ quota paid as reported by CHQ during all India Conference at Mysore.
The following agenda points has discussed:-
1.        As Shri R.K. Sharma Circle Treasurer said to be deposited CHQ quota Rs.10000/- but as per CHQ report only Rs.1000/- had been deposited and about balance  Rs.9000/- Shri Sharma is showing some photo copy of cash transfer through bank but no original copy is being submitted after repeated pursuance , hence the balance amount of Rs.9000/- immediately to be handed over to CS within seven days. A letter to be sent to Shri Sharma for deposition of same amount other wise disciplinary action according to constitution will be taken against him. Moreover, it has been decided to hand over all receipt books lying  with Circle treasurer for  further verification of account statement.
2.        During the year 2014 the payment against Diary was paid Rs. 20,000/- by then CS Shri S.K.Mishra. As per CHQ report Rs. 18000/- more to be paid against the Diary supplied by CHQ. Clarification in this regard to be taken from Shri S.K.Mishra.
3.        In view of proposed visit of GS on 22-11-2016 at Raipur , it has been decided to conduct CEC for coming membership verification also Circle Conference which has become due to be conducted on 22-11-2016 in presence of GS and other office bearers of CHQ. To conduct CEC and Circle conference Rs.1000/- (One thousand only) is to be collected from all members. The breakup of Rs. 1000/- is as follows:-
            *** Rs. 700/- for conference fee
            *** Rs. 300/- monthly subscription from July 2016 to December 2016.
4.        Office bearers will visit Ambikapur, Bilaspur and Raigarh SSA from 7th November to 9th November for organization activities at SSAs.

(Mukesh Shrivastva)                                                               ( Sumeet Khote)
     Circle president                                                                   Circle Secretary

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